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The Collection

Risale-i Nur

The Risale-i Nur is a tafsir directly inspired from the Quran. It helps navigates readers through the spiritual challenges of our time. Composed under extreme conditions, its lessons deliver remedies from the sacred pharmacy of the Quran to help heal the wounds of our age.  

With its unique Quranic method of comparisons and analogies, each part of the Risale-i Nur effectively illuminates the spiritual darknesses casting a shadow over our hearts and minds. It does this by teaching the spiritual literacy that allows readers to reflect on their interactions with the universe and to find answers to the deeper questions of ‘why’. By addressing both the mind and the heart, the lessons manifest both wisdom and mercy.

Collectively, the Risale-i Nur strengthens the principles and practices of the Noble Prophet Muhammed (asm) and demonstrate how, in these turbulent times, true and everlasting happiness is found only in taking the perspective of iman and in the wisdom of the Quran

The Collection of the Risale-i Nur includes 130 parts or chapters compiled as 12 collective titles. Each part is a stand-alone work referred to as a risale. Some of these risales are also published on their own as individual titles

The list of the books written by Bediuzzaman Said Nursi are listed below. Click on the title of each risale to learn more about its contents and see the latest translated editions published by Risale Press.