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The Method

The Risale-i Nur's method of protecting iman and serving the Quran revives the long-standing path of the sahabas (companions of the Prophet). It brings together the ways of all the true traditions that have preserved the essence of the Quran and sunnah up to our time.

A detailed appreciation of the Risale-i Nur's method can be found in the work Guidebook on Service to the Quran. Here are some brief answers to some commonly asked questions.


What is special about the Risale-i Nur lessons?

What is the method used?

What is an example of this framework?

Who can learn from it?

What will the Nur provide me?

How long does it take to reach this level of awareness?

I already believe in the tenets of iman, how will the lessons of Nur strengthen it?

Do I need a teacher to study the Risale-i Nur?

What is special about the Risale-i Nur lessons?

The Risale-i Nur is a direct explanation of the Quran's truths that strengthen the core tenets of belief. It is a tafsir that focuses on iman. Each title in the collection explores the wisdom of why things are the way they are, what their greater purpose is, and what they signify and mean for us in the fleeting life of this world according to the Quran.

By using analogies and comparisons directly inspired by the Quran, each chapter brings readers closer to witnessing the evident signs manifested in creation. The lessons provide a sample pleasure of paradise that is experienced by taking the perspective of iman while still in this world.

What is the method used?

The lessons of Nur provide awareness about how everything we experience and observe are the reflections of Allah’s majestic attributes. To achieve this, it uses the Quranic method of reflection (tafakkur) which builds on our observations and engagement with the world, and allows us to witness the truths and realities which lie behind them as taught by the Quran.

By frequently meditating on the lessons of Nur through the union of heart and mind, readers acquire a heightened level of certainty and conviction (yaqin) in the principles of iman.

Who can learn from it?

Anyone can. No matter your background or level of education, anyone with an open mind and heart can receive their share of the Quran's light from these lessons.

Everyone’s journey of reflection and awareness will be unique and special to themselves, which is why we recommend individuals to engage with the lessons directly for their own selves.

The best we can do here is provide a very broad outline of one of the basic frameworks used in these lessons.

What is an example of this framework?

A basic premise of this framework is this:

Everyone can observe the constant and continuous activity in the universe. To make sense of these motions, there needs to be certain titles to represent and describe them. And the display of these titles, in turn, must come from an attribute of a being who must exist to possess these titles as essential qualities.

For instance, there is an undeniable reality that each and every creature is given the provision and bestowed with the sustenance they depend on to continue their lives. Each creature clearly receives their provision and sustenance at the right measure, the right time and the right place. This is an evident activity that is universal and majestic.

This activity can best be identified and represented by the title of ‘Giving of sustenance‘.

Such a title, in turn, requires the existence of a being who must possess this attribute as Sustainer (Razzaq); a Being who is exhibiting this activity to the gaze and appreciation of conscious beings like us.

And so, just like this, the thousands of endless attributes of a Single All-Glorious Essence are reflected at an infinite degree in this universe. These attributes manifest themselves in a constant state of flux, across the flow of time.

Through conscious enquiry and the guidance of these clear truths and evident reflections, students of iman and Quran studying the Risale-i Nur, gain a conviction (yaqin) and consciousness in both heart (qalb) and mind (aql) from the signs (ayat) across the book of the universe that Allah constantly renews.

By medidating on such lessons of the Quran's light (nur), learners will consciously and actively appreciate

– the signs and meanings scattered across the universe in tandem with the signs (ayah) of the Quran'

– that everything is an animated form of the timeless signs (ayah) of the Quran, the book of divine speech;

– and that, in the long lineage of prophets –who are the curators in this exhibition of the cosmos– the universal teachings and practices of the last prophet, Muhammad (asm), continue to illuminate and guide all of humanity and creation.

Such level of consciousness about the reality of The One and Single Being making Himself known for our appreciation and acknowledgement, and this connection to Him, simultaneously conjure up feelings of gratitude and love towards Him. This, in turn, is epitomised as the conscious worship of that Single All-Glorious Essence of that Being.

Today, due to the lack of this consciousness and nur which iman provides, the layers of darkness looming over our world that blind us to these evident realities have multiplied (ie. the nihilistic philosophies and lifestyles, and their effects, which have become clear in the rising rates of anxiety, depression, despondency).

Each risale illuminates these levels of darkness with the nur of the Quran and instils in the heart and mind the joy gained by the truths of iman in a brilliant, practical and effective way.

What will reading the Nur provide me?

The meaning and purpose about the reality of the inner and outer dimensions of your life.

By guiding the reader to the Quranic perspective of this exhibition of the universe, the Risale-i Nur provides a direct path from what is visible and apparent (zahir) in this world to the meaning and reality (haqiqah) of every event and experience. It opens a pathway to the knowledge of Allah (marifatullah) in everything and makes readers appreciate the evident signs in creation that sits in complete synch with the revelation in the Quran. This ultimately leaves the heart and mind in a tranquil state that is content and in peace with itself and its surroundings.

There are no certificates or accolades in this, sorry. But you will agree that such a significant and lasting result needs a commensurate dedication and sacrifice from every person to seek and engage with the jewels of the Quran in a sincere fashion.

How long does it take to reach this level awareness?

This will depend on how much you feel your need for it, and how sincerely you pursue it over time.

Nevertheless, it is a divine blessing that through the lessons of Nur, any genuine seeker has access to a way of reaching in two weeks, the results of what used to be gained in twenty-years of arduous study and training.

I already have iman, how will the lessons of Nur strengthen it?

To achieve this, the primary method used is reflection (tafakkur). This specific approach unravels the unseen (ghayb) –in mind and heart– with what is undeniably visible and real. It encourages us to use our innate ability (fitrah) and our knowledge (marifah) to connect with the most unique and perfect demonstrations of beautymercywisdom and order around us, and rises us to the presence of Allah with all our being.

This study and method of reflection (tafakkur) is taught by any risale in the collection. Each lesson ultimately brings us to appreciate and acknowledge The One Who is making Himself known to us through this infinite display. And no matter what your level or background, the lessons of the Risale-i Nur teach you to perceive the Quran’s universal nur and the glimmers of Allah’s perfect and infinite attributes reflected over these fleeting and moving mirrors of creation.

Perceiving this reality opens a window on to the truths of:
the afterlife, as an everlasting display of this eternal exhibition;
the prophets, as the teachers and guides of humanity;
the angels, as the countless sentient audience of this exhibition;
the books, as revelations of divine guidance;
and qadar, as the divine plan and determination of this whole project within Allah’s knowledge;
all within the pillars of Islamic teaching.

Do I need a teacher?

The true and absolute master and guide is our Prophet Muhammed (asm). Our teacher here is Bediuzzaman Said Nursi, and our focus is to learn the truths Islam from the Risale-i Nur.

Anyone sincerely taking the steps on their journey of awareness and knowledge of Allah (marifetullah) will find their teacher within the lessons of the Risale-i Nur. It leaves no need to seek others in this regard.

Nevertheless, the spiritual community and connection between Nur students serves as an integral point of support along the way.

This source of mutual learning and support is recommended in the spirit of ukhuwwah (brotherhood), rather than that of a shaykh and murid.

That is why, having a community to share one another's understanding and reflection that can help overcome our personal obstacles in learning and application is indeed a blessing to be cherished and is very much encouraged in the method of the risale. This could be achieved simply by the coming together of any number of sincere friends or family to read and reflect on the lessons.